I Don’t Give Up

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I Don’t Give Up

Luna and I met in a very particolar occasion. I was taking photos and Luna was my model with her wedding dress.

This project of Photographic association Asadin
To raise awareness about prevention,
To support those who fight an obstacle that sometimes seems insurmountable,
To exult together with who has managed to win is
To cry together with who greets a dear parsona who has not done it.
To raise awareness towards prevention,
To support those who fight against an obstacle that may seem impossible,
To rejoice with those that made it, to cry together with those who say goodbye to a friend that didn’t make it, instead.

Women that smile, women that don’t give in, women that fall and get up again,
Women that fight, Women that win, women that loose.
To all these women we dedicate these shots.

Because giving up…is never the right choice.

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